Delivering accurate and reliable moisture content measurements for control strategy integration

Fitnir MC

FITNIR MC utilizes NIR spectroscopy to deliver accurate and reliable moisture content measurements of wood chips to the digester or hog fuel to the power boiler for control strategy integration. FITNIR MC’s high-quality and timely data provides clarity of feedstock properties that are essential for cost savings and process optimization.

Implementing FITNIR MC in conjunction with the control strategy suggests an overall increase in production of 2.5%, increasing mill revenue by an estimated $3.5 million per year. Eliminating large swings in the dry chip feedrate is expected to improve overall digester operation and reduce pulp quality variability by providing more consistent control of chemical dosing and vessel hydraulic loading.

Main Features

  • Full spectrum NIR sensor
  • Non-contacting, over-the-conveyor system
  • Online measurements in real-time
  • High accuracy (+/-2.5%) and repeatability
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Applications for the digester and power boiler
  • Expandable applications
  • Robust and transferable calibration models
  • Ability to measure both frozen and unfrozen materials
  • Industrially designed analyzer
  • In-house software and database with direct communications to the DCS


Digester Benefits

  • Improves control and rate of digester production
  • Chemical savings from reduced white liquor addition
  • Reduces kappa number variability
  • Eliminates feed losses and risk of equipment damage

Power Boiler Benefits

  • Reduces power boiler instability and downtime
  • Cuts fuel consumption costs by maximizing use of forest biomass
  • Decreases fossil fuel consumption and environmental impact
  • More reliable and profitable steam and power production
  • Improves biomass fuel price forecasting from early detection of MC changes

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