NIR spectroscopic analyzer that measures the kappa number of wet and dry kraft pulp and pulp sheets


FITNIR Kappa utilizes NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy to measure the kappa number of kraft pulp. FITNIR Kappa does not rely on other parameters for measurement (such as sample weight), automates sample preparation, and eliminates all associated chemicals. With FITNIR Kappa, mills can monitor and control pulp production from the beginning of the process to the final product, enabling quicker adjustments for improved efficiency.

Main Features

  • Uses NIR spectrometry for rapid and accurate analysis of wet and dry kraft pulp
  • Does not rely on other parameters for measurement
  • No sample preparation and chemicals needed
  • Frequent measurements can be performed across multiple process locations
  • Analysis results in less than 4 minutes, including sample preparation
  • Ideal for measuring high kappa numbers of kraft linerboard pulp
  • Calibration models can be transferred between pulp grades without requiring major recalibration
  • Can be configured to measure viscosity

Key Benefits

  • Simplified analysis for greater testing frequency
  • Significantly reduces operator-to-operator variability, improving accuracy and repeatability
  • Faster results for quicker adjustments, improving efficiency and profitability

  • Eliminates hazardous testing chemicals and reduces process chemicals by up to $150,000 per year
  • Improves customer satisfaction by adhering to quality standards and enabling product segregation

Measuring Kappa Number Using Nir Spectroscopy

FITNIR Kappa: Measuring Kappa Number Using Nir Spectroscopy

Watch this short video demonstrating FITNIR Kappa and its key features for measuring wet and dry pulp, to help improve kraft pulp mill efficiency and profitability.

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