Company History

A look back at FITNIR's history in the pulp industry

Partnerships and Patents

In the early 1990s, a partnership was formed between Kvaerner Chemetics and Paprican (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada, now FPInnovations) to develop a different kind of pulp liquor analyzer. Kvaerner and Paprican jointly obtained US and International patents for this new technology. In 2002, Kvaerner sold their process control business to ABB Analytical, who assumed 50% of the patent.


ABB contracted Tom Sands Consulting Inc. to assist with the design, installation and start-up of their new systems. In 2007, Tom Sands Consulting Inc. was selected as the exclusive distributor of the NIR analyzer for pulp and paper mills worldwide. One year later FITNIR Analyzers Inc. was born, with Tom Sands at the helm bringing on board his 32 years of experience in the pulp industry.


With FITNIR’s budding success, Thanh Trung joined the company. As the creator of the technology, Thanh wanted to see the uptake of the analyzer flourish. His intimate knowledge of the analyzer and of the industry made Thanh an ideal partner.


Today, FITNIR Analyzers’ reputation of excellent customer service and superior technology is spreading, as more and more pulp mills implement our process analyzers. Uptake throughout Canada and the United States has also prompted interest and expansion into Asia, Brazil and Scandinavia.