FITNIR MC utilizes NIR spectroscopy to deliver accurate and reliable moisture content measurements for control strategy integration



Being short and highly variable in supply, wood chips represent a large portion of the cost to produce pulp. In order to optimize processes and save costs, mills require clear insight into their feedstock properties. Traditional manual sampling and oven-drying methods lack high-quality and timely data, while more recent technologies risk feed losses and equipment damage, have safety concerns, measurement difficulties, or calibration issues.

FITNIR Solution
FITNIR MC utilizes NIR spectroscopy to deliver accurate and reliable moisture content measurements for control strategy integration. Its over-the-conveyor sensor does not contact the wood material. Real-time measurements have a scanning rate of 30Hz and an average frequency of one measurement output per minute. The software and database developed in-house seamlessly send output directly to the mill’s DCS.

Properties Measured & Applications

Wood Chip MC: Moisture content of the wood chip feed to the digester to compute the true oven dry mass flow rate. The result: increased production, reduced EA-to-wood liquor charge, and reduced kappa variability.

Hog Fuel MC: Moisture Content of hog fuel to the power boiler furnace for improved combustion. The result: improved operations and cost reductions associated with decreased fossil fuel usage, power boiler downtime, and maximized use of forest biomass for fuel.


Lime Mud Solids: Lime mud moisture or solids content for kiln operation. The result: reduced fuel consumption and costs, potential kiln ring formations (mud rings), and greenhouse gas emissions.

Future Applications: FITNIR MC’s expansive potential gives way to a whole host of future applications throughout the pulp mill including:

  • Additional feedstock properties (i.e., density, lignin and extractives content, calorific value).
  • Moisture content of a variety of biomass and wood products (i.e., pellets, veneers, OSB strands).

Key Benefits

Digester Benefits

  • Improves control and rate of digester production
  • Chemical savings from reduced white liquor addition
  • Reduces kappa number variability
  • Eliminates feed losses and risk of equipment damage

Power Boiler Benefits

  • Reduces power boiler instability and downtime
  • Cuts fuel consumption costs by maximizing use of forest biomass
  • Decreases fossil fuel consumption and environmental impact
  • More reliable and profitable steam and power production
  • Improves biomass fuel price forecasting from early detection of MC changes


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