ClO2 Generator

Proven FT-NIR application for ClO2 generator optimization


ClO2 Generator

ClO2 Generator Challenges
Chlorine Dioxide production is a major cost contributor of bleaching operations and consequently, mills look to maximize their ClO2 generator efficiency. This requires the concentrations of chlorate and acid in the generator to be kept at optimum levels, as variability in these levels cause undesirable chemical reactions and reduces generator efficiency. However, most traditional monitoring techniques cannot measure the concentrations fast enough and only infer the process operation. And, manual sampling poses a hazard to personnel due to potential hazardous gases and explosions.

FITNIR Solution
FITNIR’s process analyzer can provide the true measurements of sodium chlorate and sulphuric acid in generator solutions frequently, reliably and accurately to achieve the most efficient mode of operation. A control strategy based on the data provided by our analyzers can significantly reduce acid and chlorate strength variation, allowing the control strategy to operate the ClO2 generator at higher efficiencies.


FITNIR Analyzers is the first and only analyzer capable of providing online measurements of ClO2 generator acid and chlorate and percent solids parameters and has proven applications for SVP-HP, SVP-Lite, R8 and R10.

Properties Measured

FITNIR’s Chlorine Dioxide Generator analyzer application measures:

  • Acid Concentration
  • Chlorate Concentration
  • Solids Content*

*FITNIR Online measurement only


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Key Benefits

  • $0.5 – 1.2M savings/year
  • 6 – 12 months ROI
  • Improved generator control
  • Reduced acid and chlorate variability


  • Improved generator efficiency
  • Improved safety
  • Fewer lab tests required


Project Highlights

Mill in Eastern US

Eastern US



CANFOR Pulp, Intercontinental Pulp Mill

Prince George, BC, Canada



Catalyst Paper

Crofton, BC, Canada



CANFOR Pulp, Northwood Pulp Mill

Prince George, BC, Canada


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