Advanced FT-NIR analyzers reliably measure complete pulp liquor compositions for process optimization

Fitnir Technology

FITNIR is the exclusive global distributor of FITNIR Online and FITNIR Benchtop, FPInnovations’ optically-based, FT-NIR (Fourier-Transform Near Infrared) pulp liquor analyzers. FITNIR’s analyzers reliably measure complete liquor compositions, driving process control strategies to optimize pulp mill operations:

Near-Infrared (NIR) Light Technology

FITNIR’s technology uses near-infrared light to interrogate the pulp liquor and the resulting unique spectral frequencies are recorded by the spectrometer and computer. A preconfigured algorithm analyzes and determines the properties of various chemical compounds in the pulp liquor and this data is fed into automated process control systems.

Why Choose NIR Spectroscopy Over Traditional Measurement Techniques?

  • Fast, flexible and chemical specific measurements
  • Determines multiple compositions simultaneously
  • No calibration required – nearly 100% uptime

  • Allows for true liquor composition based control
  • Improved safety and reduces human errors and environmental impact
  • Rugged, but easy to use equipment